Pre planning cremation

Plan for the Inevitable…

Pre-planning your funeral should be feel normal, as this will provide you with the necessary time to make end-of-life choices in a rational and calm atmosphere. Start by meeting with one of our pre-planning advisors or begin now with the online planning process.

  • Why Should I Plan Ahead

    Why Should I Plan Ahead

    You have to admit: no on in your family should have to make these decisions for you. Giving a pre-plan gives every one you a love a piece of mind. You can begin to live your life to fullest and that you have made the right choice.

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  • funeral and burial plans

    Pre-Planning Checklist

    When we start the pre-planning process. Our list will help give you the satisfaction of checking off the tasks. This will help you to complete your pre-plan.

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  • best pre paid funeral plans

    Online Pre-Planning Form

    Gering Memorial has helped developed a powerful online pre-planning tool. A password-protected account allows you to start your plan and you can return to it as many times as you need to, until you're content with your arrangements. 

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