Permanent Memorialization

To create a dedicated place for loved ones to connect and remember your loved one.

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A Continual Place of Healing

In our fast-paced society, loved ones aren't given enough time to grieve losses. The pressures of needing to be busy at all times and work and everything going on in life often bring the bereaved back into the 'real' world far too soon. 

Many families are chasing to spread the cremated remains in one of the loved one's favorite places such as the beach, a hiking spot, and a local park to name a few. While this may seem right at the time, it means that you do not have a consistent place connect with the memories of he person you loved so deeply.

Having a place in a cemetery or cremation garden can be visited regular by family and friends alike. This gives everyone a special place o go and remember your loved one. 

A permanent place may provide a way to connect to your families past. For example visiting the resting place of grand parents may provide children an anchor to their families history. This offer a connection to the past, to love that was shared. It honors the relationship you have and will always have with that person.